Our Mission & Vision


“Making Disciples of Christ in Gordon’s Bay”


We exist to persuade people of all nations to become passionate followers of Christ

Ons bestaan om Mense van alle nasies te oortuig om Christus met passie te volg

God is on a Mission

God is on a mission and our Mission & Vision statements lines us up with what God is doing and what called has called us to be.

Our desire is to build a church that is multi-generational and multi-cultural and that takes seriously the call of God to make disciples of all nations and is prepared to work at resolving the challenges associated with that goal.
We are trusting God that, in partnership with him, we will build a Christian community that reflects the biblical vision of many nations, tribes, people and languages.
Locally we are seeking to serve the diverse community in Gordon’s Bay.  Internationally we are planting and strengthening churches in many Southern and Central African nations.  Through our relationships in Regions Beyond and Newfrontiers we have friends in many other nations that we support with prayer and in other practical ways.
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