Who We Are 
Choices was founded in 1996 and is a woman centred service offering counselling, support and short term accommodation for women in crisis during pregnancy or as a result of a termination of pregnancy (TOP). Many women face an unplanned pregnancy, often alone. These women need to know that they are not alone, someone cares and will listen, stand beside them and support them through their journey.volunteers1Dedicated Team of Volunteers


Choices believes in informing women and young people about pregnancy and sexuality, thus empowering them to make well informed decisions for themselves and their unborn children.

Finding that you are pregnant when you don’t plan to be, can be a frightening experience. For many women abortion seems like the quickest and easiest solution. They feel overwhelmed by the pressures they are facing and desperately need help.

At Choices free expert counselling is available to couples and women who experience an unplanned pregnancy or an HIV positive diagnosis during pregnancy and are exploring their options with regard to TOP, adoption or self-parenting. Sensitive, caring counselling and coaching is provided with the aim of enabling clients to make an informed decision. Our counselling is non-directive, providing information, support and compassion. It is the woman who makes the final decision. Very often this support is sufficient to help someone through a really difficult patch and make good choices for their life.

Post-abortion counselling is provided to those women who have experienced a TOP in the past. Choices support women during pregnancy, birth and where appropriate, are able to facilitate adoption. Local clinics and hospitals make use of the Choices service by referral of clients on a regular basis.

HIV testing and counselling is offered to all our clients too. We refer all our clients to the Philippi Trust Voluntary testing and Counselling VCT Centre.
The Choices Counselling centre is open on the following days:

Mondays: 09h00 – 12h30
Tuesdays: 13h00 – 16h00
Wednesdays: 09h00 – 12h30
Fridays: 09h00 – 12h30


Choices also has a Schools Education programme. A team of volunteers facilitate an interactive, abstinence based education programme in a number of local primary and high schools. The programme empowers children and young people to take responsibility for their behaviour recognizing the physical, emotional and moral risks of casual sexual behaviour. The aim is to develop self esteem, self respect and self awareness, as well as a basic knowledge of HIV and AIDS and the impact of the virus in South Africa, particularly amongst our youth.

schools21  schools11
Residential House
Choices provides access to its residential unit which acts as a place of refuge for women who choose to access adoption services for their babies and do not enjoy a suitable home environment for pregnancy and recovery after birth. The unit can accommodate seven women. Residents at the unit are educated in the areas of pregnancy, child birth, family planning, sexual health, lifestyle and nutrition.


Choices has a skills development programme to assist clients to access the employment market. These include cashier, PC, sales, typing, literacy and sewing skills.


Become a partner!Choices needs regular donations of small or large amounts to support the growing work and influence of the service. You can make a donation of any size or provide regular weekly or monthly support for any of the following:

Regular expenses – per week

1. Choices residential unit R2,875

2. Sponsorship of Xhosa speaking counsellors and administrator R1275

3. General office and staff resources R500

Projects – per annum

1. Translation of teaching & counseling materials R20, 000

2. Printing and purchasing of educational booklets (English & Xhosa)R6, 000


Choices is a registered RSA charity NPO 033-200 and PBO 930023098

Please contact us (see details below) should you wish to make a donation to Choices Pregnancy Centre


Tel/fax 021 852 6454
Address: Schapenberg Road, Somerset West

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