Shout (2 + 3 Years)

Shout is a fun place with a range of activities for children aged 2 + 3 years old.
During the sermon, we offer a mix of creative play, craft activities and a group time where we explore simple bible stories and themes. We aim to provide a safe and happy environment for your children to play, have fun, and experience God’s love.
There is always a leader on duty with a team of helpers.  We find that parents who serve together on Urban Shout’s teams form supportive friendships.  Should your child need you during the service we are able to alert you.  Refreshments (juice and a plain biscuit) are available during each session.
Please register your child at the start of each session and collect promptly after the meeting.
It’s a privilege to be entrusted with your little ones!
‘Can I go to the party now?’
Elsen (age 3)
Wondering if it’s time yet to go to Urban Shout!

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