Healthy Church

In his first letter to the Thessalonian church, the Apostle Paul points out that a Spiritually healthy church is made up of Spiritually healthy people. This church could stand strong in the culture and make a difference in every context in which God placed them. He prayed and hoped that they could even get healthier. Join us for this series “Health Check” as we look at how this church grew strong in their faith and stayed strong.

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26 June – A Difficult Birth

3 July – So Thankful!

10 July – Good Imitators

17 July – Message Spreaders

24 July – Stamp of Approval

31 July – There For One Another’s Success

7 August – Sharing Life

14 August – Joyful Reward

21 August – Mutual Encouragement!

28 August – Earnest Praying

4 September – Continual Progress

11 September – Pure Living

18 September – Being Urban Voice

25 September – Grieve with Hope

9 October – Be Prepared!

16 October – Doing Life Together

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